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Will Chase portfolio website

Will Chase is a developer, designer, journalist, and artist: “Using my background as a researcher to better understand the world around me through data and I share those insights by designing and coding visual essays”.

His portfolio website uses Amster Versal Iluminada for its drop caps. Amster is used for headlines and body copy. The menu items and selected navigation items are set in Alegreya Sans. In a blog post dedicated to the redesign of his website, the designer writes:

The wonderful thing about Amster is it is so much more than a font, it’s a whole type family. Since you’re reading this blog, you’ve no doubt noticed the gorgeous illustrated drop caps that feature under section headings. These drop caps are really special, not only are they intricately illustrated with characters based off of Chilean printed news sheets from the 19th century, but they have a foreground and background, which allows two-tone colors, and there are two varieties of each glyph. But the fun doesn’t stop there; Amster also includes two sets of illustrated flower glyphs, based on the copihue, a flower endemic to Chile. These glyphs are easily tessellated into borders, which you can see in the large header designs on each of the pages of this site.