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Guides Of Bhutan

Guides Of Bhutan is a London-based travel agency operating in the Kingdom Of Bhutan. When they approached us they were using Cooper Black for their branding and communication – its classic-yet-quirky look was a perfect fit for them but was being used even for running text at 8pt. For the redesign of the website and newsletters we limited its use to titles and paired it with Mark Simonson’s Proxima Nova Condensed and Alejandro Lo Celso’s Reforma 1918, part of a type series by Pampa Type. On the website, Reforma was replaced with Production Type’s Spectral, served via Google Fonts.

In the newsletters, we used Cooper Black for titles, Proxima Nova Extra Condensed (Light and Bold) for quotes and article information; running text is set in Reforma 1918 Gris (Medium). A three-column layout centered in an A4 page would allow the newsletter to be printed as a saddle stitch magazine and simultaneously work as a single page vertical PDF file that could be read on a mobile device. For the newsletter’s promo images we combined Reforma’s three variables: Reforma 2018 Negra (Bold) for the main heading, Reforma 1969 Gris (an interpolated demi-serif instance) for the tagline, and the nameplate is set in all-caps Reforma 1918 with an extra swash-y alt R.

On the website, titles are set in Cooper Black and Italic; captions and footers in Proxima Nova Bold and menus in Proxima Nova Extra Condensed Light, all served via Adobe Fonts. For running text we used Spectral Medium & Italic. The bolder and lighter weights of Spectral were used in the larger sized section titles. Extra: Illustrations were made with Glyphs App and Illustrator, based on real images taken by Guides Of Bhutan founders, Phil Bowen & Ugyen Dorji.