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Desértica Hotel

From Leon Del Monte (translated from Spanish):

Hotel Désertica is located in the center of San Pedro de Atacama. We embarked on this fascinating project when the hotel was still under construction. They called us with the intention of taking over all the graphics that accompany the hotel. In this way we decided to enhance the brand through the concept “hotel of origin”. We developed items ranging from the keychain, the signs, a welcome kit, the website, postcards, an illustrated map, laundry bags, stationery, and countless other things. We managed to generate our own hotel identity spanning a wide graphic range, with diversity in the individual items and an interesting and unique graphic interplay. We care about the materiality, the colors, the layout, and the typefaces in each item.

PampaType’s Reforma 1918 type family is a central element of the identity. It’s used for the welcome cards, the door hangers, and the seal-like logo where it’s set in all caps on a circle. Reforma 1918 is paired with Commercial Type’s Canela which serves for the big rotated lines. The full logo with the “hotel de origin” claim uses caps from another serif and a sans serif, both of which are unidentified [see comments]. The informal script used for the location is Northwell by Set Sail Studios. The website (not shown here) is rendered in Playfair Display, Montserrat, and Roboto Condensed.