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Conflictos, controversias y disyuntivas, Ediciones Abierta

Design of academic books for the publishing platform Ediciones Abierta by ©TIRONI.
Conflictos, controversias y disyuntivas is the first of a series of four books that are part of the research project “Addressing Local Conflicts in South America: New Responses for New Scenarios”.

This project uses Berenjena (all four weights — Blanca, Fina, Gris, Negra — plus the accompanying Itálica cuts; designed by Javier Quintana Godoy, PampaType, 2014) and Modérnica 2.0 (in Light, Book, Regular, Medium, Bold and Heavy weights, by the same designer, Quintana-Font, 2017).

Editorial Production: TIRONI
Editors: Rodrigo Araya, Florencio Ceballos
Associate Editor: Matías Rivas, Fiorella Oneto
Designed by Juan Fernando Mercerón

Cover illustration by Rodrigo Martínez
Printed at Salesianos Impresores (Santiago, Chile)

Published by Ediciones Abierta, Santiago, Chile, 2017. Paper Stock: Stora Enso Creamy 80g, Mohawk Strathmore Writing Natural White 238 g. 1000 copies