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Ciclo Abierta, Ediciones Abierta

Two books designed by Juan Mercerón in a book series called Ciclo Abierta, published by Edicones Abierta. The typography makes use of Berenjena (Javier Quintana, PampaType) and Modérnica (Javier Quintana, Quintana Font).

‘Reflection on what major issues will condition the concerns, agendas and interests of humanity’ is the purpose of the Ciclo Abierta Otoño 2018 , a program of talks created by TIRONI to share knowledge that allows understanding and explaining the phenomena of change global.

In this edition, we summoned four outstanding experts so that, through their eyes, they give us insights on how from science, politics and life in common we can face the great crossroads of our era.
–– Ciclo Abierta