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Artes Vivas

Artes Vivas is a collection of books set entirely in Francisco Gálvez Pizarro’s Amster (PampaType, 2014). It was made as a student project in the postgraduate course Diplomatura en Artes del Libro (“Arts of the Book”) at Universidad Nacional de las Artes, Buenos Aires, Argentina. The patterns on the covers are typeset using Weg (Huerta Tipográfica, 2021). Devised by Carolina Giovagnoli, one of the book designers, Weg is “an experimental type system where legibility isn’t the focus”.

The texts used in this exercise are “Pachamarita. El solticio de una payasa” by Letica Leiva, “Un mechón de tu pelo” by Luis Loyola Cano, and “Las vidas probables” by Pablo D’Elía.